Douglas Kennedy Explores
The Moments That Change Us Forever

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with the New York Times bestselling author

January 2012 Authorlink Edition


The Moment by Douglas Kennedy
The Moment
(Atria November 2011)
$16.00 trade paperback
ISBN: 978-1451608595

New York Times betselling author Douglas Kennedy
New York Times bestselling
author Douglas Kennedy


Douglas Kennedy

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In each life there are defining moments–moments when how we react change the very course of life forever. New York Times bestselling author Douglas Kennedy once again grapples with some of life's most complex issues in his haunting and unforgettable new novel, The Moment (Atria Books, November 2011).

The Moment is a tragic love story set in Cold War Berlin. Thomas Nesbitt is a divorced writer in the midst of a rueful middle age. Living a very private life in Maine, in touch only with his daughter and still trying to recover from the end of a long marriage, his solitude is disrupted one wintry morning by the arrival of a box that is postmarked Berlin. The name on the box—Dussmann—unsettles him completely, for it belongs to the woman with whom he had an intense love affair twenty-six years ago in Berlin, in the deep shadows of the Cold War.

A love story of great epic sweep and immense emotional power, The Moment explores why and how we fall in love—and the way we project on to others that which our hearts so desperately seek.

In his conversation with Authorlink, Douglas Kennedy talks about how much of himself lies in the novel, and about the characteristics a writer must have to be successful in today's publishing world.

Douglas Kennedy is the author of ten novels, including the international bestseller Leaving the World and The Woman in the Fifth. He has sold over 5 million copies of his work worldwide. Born in Manhattan, he now divides his time traveling between London, paris, and Main.

—Doris Booth