An exclusive Authorlink Audio/Slide Show Interview With Michelle Moran
author of Nefertiti, a Novel (Crown 2007)
September 2007


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Nefertiti, a Novel
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In this exclusive Authorlink AUDIO/SLIDESHOW, Michelle Moran talks about her four-year effort to bring Nefertiti’s story to life, and of making the switch from writing nonfiction to fiction. Note: slide show photos are representative of the period and are not included in the book. File may take a few moments to load!

Michelle Moran’s love affair with ancient Egypt began on an archaeological expedition in Israel. While working to unearth an ancient trading post, Moran and her team discovered a lapis stone scarab, a symbol of the ancient Egyptians, buried beneath the earth for thousands of years–she was hooked instantly. Over the next several years, Moran traveled the globe studying ancient Egyptian history. Her findings were to become the basis for NEFERTITI: A NOVEL (Crown 2007). The book is probably the only in-print fictionalized account of the Pharaoh-Queen’s life and reign.

Michelle has been writing since the age of 12 and it took her 15 years to publish. She advises new writers that “there is no back door or good old boy’s network. Good work sells, so keep writing.”

Moran is a native of San Fernando Valley, California. She earned her English literature degree from Pomona College and , after working asa volunteer archaeologist, earned an MA from Claremont Graduate University. She now resides in San Bernardino with her husband and cat, Anubis.

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