Yesterday’s Magic
Pamela F. Service

Random House Books for Young Readers
Hardcover/224 pages
ISBN: 978-0375855771
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". . . delightful, kid-friendly addition to . . . King Arthur spin-off books."

Yesterday’s Magic is a pleasingly eclectic mix of British, Russian, Native American and Oriental mythology and folklore coupled with a dash of adventurous science fiction.

The story is a sequel to Pamela Service’s Tomorrow’s Magic and takes place in the 26th century, 500 years since the evils of nuclear war and global social collapse have devastated the world. Life in Britain resembles that of the medieval times with the exception of mutant horses with three toes, freakishly huge spiders and slugs, and “muties” –humans who have mutated beyond all recognition due to the effects nuclear radiation. While all technology has ceased to exist, magic has grown stronger. Many people fear and loathe magic and detest any who are involved with it. Yesterday’s Magic centers on three people in particular to whom the magical world and its power is very real and very important—Heather McKenna, Wellington Jones and Earl Bedwas.

Heather, Wellington and Earl are three students who in Tomorrow’s Magic time traveled to the kingdom of Avalon to bring the legendary King Arthur back with them to rule Britain and fight off his eternal nemesis Morgan le Fay. Earl turns out to be King Arthur’s old sidekick, Merlin, reborn into a younger body but with all of his magical abilities still intact. The two make a formidable pair.

In this installment, the three young people are still with King Arthur and still fending off Morgan le Fay’s devious plots. With cranky dragons, animal telepathy, vampire bats and a creature named Troll who is like a cross between the Gollum from The Lord of the Ring and the Gurgi from Prydain Chronicles, Yesterday’s Magic is a fun, intelligent and fantastical romp. It is a delightful, kid-friendly addition to the ever increasing genre of King Arthur spin-off books.

Reviewer: Michelle Kerns