Girl Gone Mad

Avery Bishop

Lake Union

Fourteen years ago, Emily Bennett belonged to a middle school girl gang known as the Harpies. Bullying and frequently vicious, the Harpies were detested by teachers and pupils alike. Their last stunt involved befriending then humiliating new girl, Grace Farmer. What the six Harpies inflicted on Grace was so cruel it had repercussions in the wider community. The girls swore a blood oath never to reveal what they did and moved on with their lives, but fourteen years later, the past catches up with them…

… consummately written suspense story.

Emily now works as a child therapist in Pennsylvania, helping children overcome traumatic events in their lives, as a means to redeem her past. She’s shocked when she learns one of the former Harpies has committed suicide. Her shock doubles when she discovers another of her old gang killed herself six months previously. Instinct tells Emily that there’s more to the apparent suicides than meets the eye. When Emily sees a woman who looks like Grace Farmer lurking in her vicinity she has to wonder—is Grace out for revenge? Or is Emily’s gnawing guilt driving her insane? Secrets, lies, guilt and revenge lie ahead for Emily and the Harpies as they find out just how far karma will travel before justice is done.

In Girl Gone Mad the stakes climb higher with every turn of the page in Avery Bishop’s consummately written suspense story.