A Medicated Memoir
Tom Grimes

Ludlow Press
May 15, 2003
Trade Paperback/200 pages
ISBN: 0-9713415-7-5
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". . . a fable for the 21st century . . ."

Tom Grimes has given us a fable for the 21st century world—complete with a normal, dysfunctional family, psychotropic drugs, and the information-overloaded cyberterrain of modern computers—that is part comic routine, part invective against modern life. Structured as an online journal of his escapades, Grimes’ hero, the heavily-medicated Will, attends a university that was “built over a swamp landfilled with garbage and toxic waste, then topped with asphalt.” Aided by his trusty sidekick, his computer Spunky, Will sets out on a quest to battle his arch-nemesis, Professor Dr. Bones, who has created a virus that threatens the survival of humanity and all that’s good in this world, a nefarious disease called IS (Information Sickness). And like any good hero, Will encounters dangers and uncertainties, as well as a few beauties, along his way. But in the end, all bodes well for good Will and he finds salvation in the simple things.



Grimes’ writing is a combination of David Sedaris and Charlie Kaufman, a modern tale told with caustic humor, subversive meanings and just a trace of poignancy. A story that will make you laugh and think, and what could be better than that?

Reviewer: Lesley Williams