Urgent Care
C. J. Lyon

Penguin Group
Trade Paperback/384 pages
ISBN: 0515147052

Urgent Care: Riveting stand-alone book in the Angels of Mercy Hospital series.

The ER at Angels of Mercy hospital is usually hopping. One morning charge nurse Nora Halloran brings in a co-worker. The woman was found naked, bleeding, bruised, beaten and covered in neon spray-painted graffiti, near death. The incident turns Nora’s life upside down. The nurse, Karen Chisholm, was raped, and Nora is responsible. Nora’s secret isn’t going to remain a secret much longer. Her life and the lives of the other people at Angels depend on the truth, because Nora isn’t the only one with secrets.

From the first page author C. J. Lyons hooked my attention and never let it go. The women of Angels of Mercy are obstinate, compassionate, tenacious and good at their jobs. Lyons knows about what she’s writing. Lyons is a nurse, but best of all Lyons is a writer—a good one.

The characters are fully realized and likable, but they can also be as frustrating and irritating as real people, with problems that echo current events. What begins as just another day on the job becomes a soap opera of emotions, situations and relationships that make Urgent Care nearly impossible to put down. I was completely caught up in Lyons’ well-crafted prose and rush-inducing plot. This is one medical thriller you don’t want to miss.


Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell