The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

The Universe Versus Alex Woods
Gavin Extence

January 14, 2014
432 pages
ISBN: 978-0316246590

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". . .journey from a normal life to extraordinary existence."

Alex Woods was the second person in history to be directly hit by a meteorite. Standing in the bathroom of his home, the meteorite fell from space, went through the roof of his house and hit Alex in the head. Author, Gavin Extence places Alex in the position to overcome the phenomenon of astronomy, the mystifying science of neurology and the controversy of ethics.

Alex, described as a miracle after surviving the meteorite strike, narrates his story beginning with the meteorite, his struggle with seizures and growing up with his over-protective-fortune-telling mother. Alex prefers solitude to school and spends his time either studying space, learning how brains work or devising escape routes to avoid the bullies in his class.

Alex’s luck of innocently ending up in precarious situations leads him into an unexpected friendship with a cantankerous old widower. His fear of Mr. Peterson dissolves as he is made to do chores as restitution and gets to know the old man. While Mr. Peterson seems annoyed by Alex, he slowly opens himself up and eventually places his fate in Alex’s hands.

The Universe Versus Alex Woods will engage and entertain teen and adult readers as they join Alex on his journey from a normal life to extraordinary existence.


Reviewer: Tammy L. Sanchez, MPW Freelance Writer