The Fall by John Lescroart

The Fall
John Lescroart

Atria Books

Anlya Paulson, seventeen years of age and African-American, takes a fatal plunge from an overpass late one evening. With possible racial overtones to her death, the police and the DA’s office are under intense political pressure to find and convict her killer.

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“Readers of contemporary crime fiction will enjoy . . .”

Into their sights wanders Greg Treadway, Child Advocate to Anlya’s twin brother, Max. Innocent and too trusting of the cops, Greg places himself in jeopardy when details of his intimate relationship with Anlya come to light.

Lawyer Rebecca “The Beck” Hardy happens to be on the scene when Greg speaks to the cops for the first time. She takes Greg on as her first murder case, but from the get-go it’s a struggle to prove his innocence. Greg was with Anlya that evening. They even had sex, but Greg’s economy with the truth about his illegal relationship with Anlya hurts his case. Beck is convinced he’s innocent, but if Greg didn’t kill Anlya then who did? As the trial progresses Beck finds hope in the rushed nature of the police investigation. The cops overlooked a lot of information in Anlya’s background, in particular the situation at her group foster home and her history as an abused child. Could someone out of her past have played a hand in Anlya’s death? The Beck is determined to find out.

In The Fall, John Lescroart builds the story with consummate skill toward the gripping climax. He has a great lead character in Rebecca “The Beck” Hardy – neophyte lawyer, sometimes unsure of herself but always determined to do the right thing. Readers of contemporary crime fiction will enjoy The Fall.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews