The Remnant
A Novel of Suspense
Georgia Flosi

Acorn Publishing with
Print-On-Demand/219 pages
ISBN: 1-59113-034-4

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?Special Agent Shari Rigel hadn?t met a prophet yet that didn?t deserve to die and she?d met more than her share . . .?

Shari Rigel survived the hell of Jonestown as a child, along with her brother Andy. But Shari is more than a survivor. She is a strong independent woman determined to do anything necessary to save others from the destiny ordained by Father Will, lunatic leader of The Remnant cult, even to the point of putting herself and her position with the FBI in jeopardy.

In The Remnant, award-winning playwright turned novelist Georgia Flosi creates a fast-paced and compelling story, a fine heroine and exciting supporting cast.

The Old Man, rough and blunt to everyone, is Shari’s biggest supporter, and rescuer, having brought her and Andy forth from the mass grave in Guyana all those years ago.

Maya Webster, once a pawn of Father Will, risks everything to lead Shari back into the perilous stronghold. The resulting conflict leaves the women alive but Shari without a job and guilt-ridden for her role in the tragedy.

This contemporary suspense thriller draws a realistic picture of the madness men commit under the guise of religion and the men and women who struggle to battle their influence every day.

Reviewer: Amy E. Lane