The Prey by Tom Isbell

The Prey
Tom Isbell

Harper Teen

Twenty years ago, the Omega Event brought the modern world to a crashing stop. The massive blast of electromagnetic radiation fried every electronic device to useless scrap and plunged the Earth into chaos.

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“. . . a story fans of dystopian future YA  will love.”

New governments rose from the ashes of the old, but the days of democracy have gone. Now a totalitarian dictatorship headed by Chancellor Maddox rules the Republic of the True America with an iron fist.

Like all such governments it has its despised peoples, its Less Than humans. Sixteen year old Book is one such Less Than, although he doesn’t know it until a stranger is found in the wilderness near the orphanage camp where Book lives. The stranger who calls himself Cat knows a lot about the world around them, and it isn’t good. After a series of shocking revelations show Cat’s words to be true Book, and his friends realize they have to flee Camp Liberty–and soon. 

Not far away, twin girls Hope and Faith are captured by soldiers and thrown into Camp Freedom, a girls-only establishment ruled by the sinister Dr. Gallingham. They soon discover the camp’s inmates are nothing more than fodder for his evil experiments. Gallingham also has some connection to Hope and Faith’s father, which bodes ill for both of them. 

Book’s and Hope’s fortunes become linked in a daring escape. Somewhere to the east lies a promised land where they may find a life free of oppression. To reach it, they must avoid a relentless pursuit and pit themselves against a hostile world where trust is earned by example, not words. 

Tom Isbell brings to life a post-apocalyptic world where the laws of civilization have fallen by the wayside, but courage, honor and friendship still rule. The Prey is a story fans of dystopian future YA  will love.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews