The Capture by Tom Isbell

The Capture
Tom Isbell

Harper Teen

Fugitives Hope, Book, Cat and their comrades turned back from the verge of safety in order to free other Sisters and Less Thans from the clutches of the Western Federation.

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“. . . engaging characters drawn with a fine pen . . .”

They face terrible challenges before they can achieve their goal. Hope and Book love each other, but in the post-Omega world, where death can come at any moment, they can’t spare the luxury of admitting it even to themselves. Both make mistakes in the eyes of the other, causing them to question what they hold dear. When Cat is badly injured and loses the indomitable spirit that buoyed them all in their flight, it seems they’ll never free the others.

Treachery strikes. Book and Hope don’t know who to trust. They find safety of a kind in the most unexpected place, but the safety comes at a high price – and isn’t as safe as they think. Betrayal gnaws at the heart of everything, but their sheer guts and hard-won abilities to survive the wilderness see them through to a climatic fight against the hated Republic of the True America. It’s not to the finish – but it’s a good enough start. 

In The Capture, Tom Isbell brings us the second story set on Earth after the Omega apocalypse. Hope and Book are engaging characters drawn with a fine pen, and the reader roots for them through their harsh trials and vicissitudes. The Capture is a book any fan of the post-apocalypse genre would be proud to have on their shelf.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews