Kiss of Broken Glass Kiss of Broken Glass
Madeleine Kuderick


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“. . . must read for teens, parents and teachers.”

Kenna tells the details of her 72 hours confined on the psychiatric ward starting at 3:22 PM on Tuesday until 3:22 PM on Friday. In Kiss of Broken Glass, Madeleine Kuderick hands the lead role to Kenna who narrates her story of cutting and what happens if caught.

As if being told as a preventative measure for kids who cut, Kenna does not minimize graphic details of her personal account of inpatient hospitalization. She befriends other teen patients on the unit who also cut or engage in self-harm. How can it help when she is surrounded by others who are more experienced at cutting?

Writing Kiss of Broken Glass in verse shows Kuderick’s talent with identifying with the teen audience and facing the reality of their experiences. Kuderick addresses this sensitive issue by showing that it is real. It is in the schools and in their homes. Cutting is also a group competition among teen circles. Kiss of Broken Glass is a must read for teens, parents and teachers.

Reviewer: Tammy L. Sanchez, MPW; Freelance Writer