The Iron Queen
Iron Fey Series #3
Julie Kagawa

Hardcover/368 pages
ISBN: 978-0373210183
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". . .a very likeable character. . ."

Meghan Chase, half Summer Court fae and half human, has found herself in exile in the mortal land after spending a year in Faery. After recovering the Scepter of the Seasons, the Summer King, her father, casts her out for falling in love and having a relationship with Ash, a Prince of the Winter, or Unseelie, court.

Standing on the footsteps of her mortal home, she is again attacked by the Iron fey. It is then she realizes that she can never really go home, as trouble from the Courts will always follow her.

She pleads for a safe place to hide from Leanansidhe, the Exile Queen. While in a home that is invisible to mortal eyes and only accessible with Leanansidhe’s permission, Meghan learns to defend herself, and gets to know her mortal father again.

Meghan is again caught up in the war between the Iron fey and Summer and Winter when both royals offer her and Ash’s ability to return to Faery, at a price. She must journey to the Iron fey lands to kill the false king, as the Iron fey’s glamour is gradually taking over the Nevernever, the wild forest of the land of Faery.

Can Meghan defeat the false king? Can she learn to wield her glamour again without the ill affects of her Iron glamour fighting against it? Will she and Ash be able to stay together?

Reading the first and second novels of this series, the Iron King and the Iron King, are not a necessity to reading the Iron Queen; but it is recommended. Meghan Chase is a very likeable character, one where you can’t help but turn the next page just to see what happens.

Reviewer: Carol Hanson