Blood Defense

Blood Defense
Marcia Clark

Thomas & Mercer

Samantha Brinkman is an ambitious lawyer operating out of a low-rent office in an undesirable neighborhood of LA.

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“. . . a taut thriller with twists and turns . . .”

Her clientèle are generally lowlifes, the practice doesn’t bring in much money, and Sam is living life on the edge of bankruptcy. She’s a loose cannon, ready to break the rules of the game whenever and wherever needed to get ahead and make her firm successful

When TV star Chloe Monahan and her friend Paige Avner are brutally murdered in their shared apartment it seems an open-and-shut case. The cops are fingering one of their own for the deed, and the prosecution are eager to nail him in court. It’ll be a lucrative high-profile trial, and Sam is delighted when the suspect hires her to defend him. Dale Pearson isn’t the typical BBQ, beer and broads cop. In his early fifties he has a excellent track record in the LAPD. He also has a violent temper. 

Right from the start Sam feels a connection with the gruff cop, and she’ll do her best to clear his name. But is he really innocent, or is he a violent sociopath with a civilized veneer? It soon becomes apparent to Sam that not everything about the case will be straightforward. Sloppy police work gives her several avenues to explore, some of which lead her to surprising places. A shocking secret might unravel everything – or it might be the making of her firm. Danger lurks at every corner and Sam, and her friends must survive long enough to find the truth.

In Blood Defense, Marcia Clark has created a taut thriller with twists and turns to satisfy the most ardent legal thriller fan.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews