The House on Orchid Street
T. M. Wright

Dorchester Leisure
November 2, 2003
Trade Paperback/322 pages
ISBN: 0-8439-5090-0
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"Sometimes peace and quiet are forever."

". . . a sleeping dragon full of secrets, lies, and uncompromising honesty."

There is something in the peace of lazy summer shadows that bears a gift scented with cloves and heavy starch. It is the gift of eternity.



Katherine wants to get away from the bullies in her life, the men who have determined her life and her choices. She wants peace and quiet and to find herself as an artist.


Katherine buys a charming country house, like her, a transplant from the city. The house on Garnsey Road in Honeoye holds secrets and a life that seeks to bring back a haunted past where it watched fire consume its present and now hides a murderer who watches and waits for the right time and the right person to open the door. Katherine’s new house will cost her more than the listed price, a sum which may be steeper than she is prepared to pay. Sometimes peace and quiet are forever.


The House on Orchid Street is a sleeping dragon full of secrets, lies, and uncompromising honesty. T. M. Wright begins this tale in the past, where all secrets dwell, and proceeds on a weekend drive, picking up speed around the curves. Wright meticulously examines the shadows to delineate his characters and the house, which plays a central role.
Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell