The Seven Sins
Jon Land

Hardcover/368 pages
ISBN: 0-7653-1534-3
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". . . passion, crime and intrigue for the twenty-first century."

Great power demands great sacrifice and an even greater price.

Michele Nunziato clutches the ancient gold medallion to his chest as he hides from the men who murdered his entire family. Don Luciano Scaglioni, Sicilian boss of bosses takes Michele in, raises him and finances his education. Michele creates a legitimate empire for Don Luciano and recreates himself as Michael Tiranno, The Tyrant, who dreams of a gambling empire and dares to make it real.

Forces from the past join to raise the Hashishin, a Muslim cult of assassins, to bring down the center of sin and vice in America: Las Vegas. In a coordinated attack, four of the most luxurious and most notable casinos, including Michael Tiranno’s lavish resort, The Seven Sins, are bombed, effectively shutting down the city. Michael, his bodyguard and friend, Alexander, and his attorney, Naomi Burns, are determined to find the ones who sent the bombers and eradicate them before they can strike again and destroy everything Michael Tiranno has built.

Defying a death sentence, Michael returns to Sicily to get Don Luciano’s help in finding and destroying the terrorists. Unbeknownst to the Sicilian families, there are other players intent on returning what they believe belongs to them, the source of Michael’s luck and enormous wealth, and the reason his family was massacred: his medallion. Only fourteen days are left.

In the decadent and sumptuous shadow world of gambling and sins, Jon Land infuses The Seven Sins with a quantum pace and complex, intertwined relationships that span centuries and worlds. The lavish gambling resort of the Seven Sins is the masterful embodiment of one man’s ambition and dreams that is unique in its concept and execution. At times, the plotting seems a bit contrived, but comes together in the end. Land’s unique vision is astounding, exotic and not to be missed. Land’s The Seven Sins burns brighter and hotter than all the neon and lights in Vegas. The Godfather is passé, The Seven Sins is passion, crime and intrigue for the twenty-first century.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell