Keith Thomas

Atria Books

Ashanique is not your typical eleven year old girl on the cusp of adulthood. She feels other lives and remembers these others’ memories. Her mother, Janice, will do anything to protect her–including kill–and vows to get her daughter to a mysterious doctor who can help her deal with her newfound power. But a psychotic hairless hitman, Rade, constantly chases after them, leaving numerous corpses in his wake.

. . . a roller coaster of excitement and horror, chills and intrigue.

Matilda, a young research psychologist, knows Ashanique is special, but she can’t quite believe that memories are forever and live on past their owner’s existence. She is attracted by the girl’s magnetism and eventually comes to believe her stories. Kojo, an experienced and intelligent Chicago detective, is drawn into Ashanique’s circle and risks his life and career to get her to safety and treatment with Dr. Song at his hidden lab. But will the killing machine Rade catch up with them first?

The Clarity is a roller coaster of excitement and horror, chills and intrigue. The pacing never lets up for one minute in a tour-de-force of action and graphic violence. The screenplay-like scenes suffer from lapses in consistent point-of-view and verb tense, but the characters are engaging, and the thrilling plot twists will keep the reader turning pages long into the night.

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