Rebel Angels
Libba Bray

Delacorte Random House
Aug 21, 2005
Hardcover/548 pages
ISBN: 0-385-73029-2
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". . . Libba Bray?s second foray into the Realms, first begun in A Great and Terrible Beauty, lives and breathes a life all its own."

". . . a world of magical and romantic possibility surprising in its depth and honesty."

Power loosed in a world once controlled and ordered turns quickly into danger in Rebel Angels. Beauty is likewise changed into terror and ugliness into hope.

The holidays are approaching and tragedy lurks behind the scenes for Gemma, Felicity and Ann. Their joy will be short lived if they cannot keep Circe from entering and taking control of the Realms.

Gemma feels guilty for leaving Pippa to die before crossing the river into the Realms alone. Afraid to wield the power that only she may possess and control, Gemma enters the Realms once again at Kartik’s bidding. She must undo the damage done by smashing the Runes that keep the balance of power in the Realms in check.

Unable to stop the pull of time, family and home, the three girls travel back to London and into intrigue, romance, joy, fear and danger. They must master themselves if they are to return the Realms to beauty and avoid a scandal when a lie told to help a friend backfires.

The three girls discover that Pippa still lives in the Realms. Pippa offers to help Gemma bind the magic once again, and yet Pippa, still beautiful, is subtly changed. Gemma remembers Kartik’s repeated warning that she must not trust anyone – even him.

Weaving Victorian romance, dreams of gypsy lovers, white knights, magic, and the hopes and expectations of three young girls, Libba Bray’s second foray into the Realms, first begun in A Great and Terrible Beauty, lives and breathes a life all its own in Rebel Angels. The three teenage girls walk a precarious path through London society, which is mirrored in the frightening and powerful changes in the magical realm, to discover the strength of friendship and blossoming romance and to know, once and for all, the power of belief.

Bray’s Victorian England is one of breathless wonder, frightening danger and secrecy. When stripped away its fantasy reveals the darkness that lies just beyond the shadows. Bray’s characters are flawed and magnificent. Her vision is tangible and real in a world of magical and romantic possibility, surprising in its depth and honesty.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell