Spring Remains by Mons Kallentoft

Spring Remains
Mons Kallentoft

Emily Bestler Books
(Washington Square Press)

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“. . . will please all readers of gritty Scandinavian crime fiction.”

Spring in the Swedish city of Linköping, Detective Malin Fors is at her mother’s funeral when a bomb rips through the town square, killing two little girls and badly injuring their mother. The shock to the city’s inhabitants is immense. One moment they’re enjoying the beautiful weather after the long winter, the next their provincial world is full of death and destruction. Already hard hit by the banking crisis gripping Sweden, Linköping doesn’t need another blow to its civic morale.

Malin and her police colleagues know they have to catch the bomber before he strikes again. The few clues they find seem to point to criminal and terrorist groups with their usual sordid motives for the bombing – yet Malin’s not so sure. Her finely-honed cop’s instinct tells her there’s more to the outrage than meets the eye. She sets out on the grim trail of the murderer and his motive, but the struggle for the truth is hampered by her struggle with alcoholism and the dark secrets of her own family. Her mother’s death has brought all kinds of shocks and surprises to light, and Malin’s teenage daughter Tove is growing increasingly independent at just the wrong time. Can Linköping’s premier detective overcome all obstacles and the worst aspects of humanity to find the truth behind the atrocity?

Mons Kallentoft adds another illustrious name to the Swedish detective roll of honor – Malin Fors. She is human and fallible, yet resilient to the last. Spring Remains will please all readers of gritty Scandinavian crime fiction.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews