Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

Vanishing Girls
Lauren Oliver

ISBN: 978-0-06-222410-1

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“. . . a compelling story of two sisters.”

Nicole and Dara are more than just sisters; they are best friends. They were inseparable until Nicole, Nick for short, decides to drive home drunk after a booze party with her younger sister in the car. The accident floods the news and Internet through twitter and Facebook. Nick was not seriously hurt, but Dara’s beautiful face was permanently scarred. The two sisters become estranged and Dara no longer includes Nick in her daily life. After half listening to a news bulletin of a missing local nine-year-old girl, Dara leaves home to attend another teenage party without her sister. She blames Nick for her facial scars and festers her anger at another booze party when partygoers stare at her face. Feeling insecure, she comes up with a plan to get even.

Nick desperately wants to make amends with her sister. When she goes into Dara’s bedroom to wish her a happy birthday, Dara is not in her bed. In fact, she is nowhere in the house. Nick snoops in Dara’s diary and reads a recent entry. Dara writes: “Dear Nick, I made up a game. It’s called: Catch me if you can. -D” Is Dara missing or just playing a game? Nick ignores her sister’s disappearance for hours until she views some disturbing pictures of Dara half dressed in a room she does not recognize. Is there a connection with the missing girl and Dara or is she really playing some sick game? Nick has to go to the police with her fears.

Lauren Oliver tells a compelling story of two sisters, once best friends until a horrific car accident changes their relationship forever in Vanishing Girls. Young adults will enjoy this gripping mystery.

Reviewer: Brenda E. Olson