In the Clearing bu Robert Duugoni

In the Clearing
Robert Dugoni

Thomas & Mercer

The 1976 Bicentennial was memorable for the people of Stoneridge, Washington in more ways than one.

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“. . . a complex and engrossing story to keep them turning the pages to the last.”

For the first time in the small town’s history their high school football team won the state championship. As the community celebrated the victory, a young native woman’s death by suicide barely registered as more than a moment of sadness in a joyful occasion. To new sheriff’s deputy Buzz Almond however, the matter of 17 year-old Kimi Kanasket’s death wasn’t as clear cut as it appeared… 

In modern-day Seattle, homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite receives a call from an old academy friend. Jenny Almond is now Sheriff of Klickitat County, stepping into her late father Buzz’s shoes. She inherited the Kanasket cold case file from him and would like Tracy to look into it. Pleased to help her friend, Tracy investigates. Modern forensic techniques soon tease interesting details out of the old evidence surrounding Kimi Kanasket’s death. It becomes apparent Buzz Almond was right in his hunch – Kimi was murdered – but forty years is a long time. Who among the community would remember much about the incident, and is the murderer still alive? As Tracy investigates she uncovers a conspiracy of silence which conceals a horrific incident, one that certain people are willing to kill to protect. 

In the Clearing is Dugoni’s third crime novel featuring the Seattle homicide detective. Tracy Crosswhite returns in a well-plotted narrative that presents readers with a complex and engrossing story to keep them turning the pages to the last. Recommended for all fans of modern detective fiction.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews