Sex and the Single Sister
A Novella Collection
Maryann Reid

Griffin Trade Paperback
June 2002
Trade Paperback/225 pages
ISBN: 0312300727
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". . .first book is brutally honest. . ."

". . .stories are compelling . . . open in relaying their flaws as well as their strengths."

The title says it all with this collection of novellas written by Maryann Reid. Ms. Reid’s first book is brutally honest as five intelligent, attractive and successful young black women relay their struggles to find not just a man, but “the perfect” man to fill the gap their busy careers cannot. Sexually explicit, this book could be a turn-off if it weren’t for the strong introduction and epilogue the author presents and her writing style that makes the readers feel each woman is confiding to them over a cup of coffee or a dry martini.



While Farah, Alaya, Kenya, Alexis and Waceera may be too sharing with their sexuality and man problems for some readers, their stories are compelling because they are so open in relaying their flaws as well as their strengths. It suspends belief at times that such strong and well-educated women can make the poor decisions they do in their personal lives; yet Ms. Reid has made these women so real that we suspend judgment and can’t help from wanting to applaud each one as she learns from her mistakes and begins a new path which will hopefully lead to fulfillment in both her career and personal life.

Reviewer: E. M. Kurecka