The Sweet Spot

Amy Poeppel

Emily Bestler Books


Lauren Shaw and her family live in New York’s Greenwich Village. Village life suits them, right down to the Bohemian bar called The Sweet Spot located in their brownstone’s basement. Lauren’s ceramics, with their touch of the grotesque, have taken off in a big way thanks to her friendship with leading fashionista and TV celebrity Felicity Wynn. With her creations selling in Felicity’s boutiques, all looks good for the future—until Lauren makes a casual remark to Felicity that starts a chaotic cascade of misunderstandings.

… a rattling good story about the complications of life, love, friendship …

Felicity is pregnant by Russel, a married man. On Lauren’s advice she persuades him to leave his wife of thirty years so they can set up home together. When Melinda discovers Lauren’s role in her marriage breakup, it’s war. Melinda makes a colossal scene in one of Felicity’s boutiques, the fall out from which leads ambitious store clerk Olivia to lose her job. Felicity takes off, leaving her new baby Horatio behind. A desperate Russel sets off to find her, and he in turn leaves Horatio with Lauren, Olivia—and Melinda. Melinda’s contrite about her over-reaction and tries to make amends. It doesn’t hurt that Olivia’s father is The Sweet Spot’s bartender, the rather hunky Dan, but debt-ridden Olivia’s got her own issues and finds it hard to forgive. Can the three women find common ground and reconciliation in spite of the chaos?

The Sweet Spot is a rattling good story about the complications of life, love, friendship, and the perils and pleasures of parenting. Each character is distinct, with the sweet, kind and artistic Lauren foremost.

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