Blond Cargo by John Lansing

Blond Cargo
by John Lansing

Pocket Star Books/Karen Hunter Publishing

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“A must for lovers of modern crime fiction.”

Jack Bertolino is a successful private investigator, but success brings its own problems. He owes Los Angeles mob boss Vincent Cardona a favor, and the big man has just called it in. Cardona’s estranged daughter is missing. Jack has to rally his crew, former drug cartel member Mateo Vasquez and tech wizard Cruz Feinburg, in an effort to find her. Everyone knows the score – the longer a young woman stays missing, the less likelihood of her turning up alive. Was Angelica Cardona kidnapped because of who her father is, or is an even more sinister faction at work?

Bertolino begins the hunt and soon finds himself up against some of the wealthiest men and the heaviest hitters in LA politics. His girlfriend is an ambitious assistant DA, and their relationship grows rockier the deeper Jack gets into his quest. To complicate life further. the Mexican mafia is angry at him for busting their previous racket and are out to level the score. Added to that Jack’s son Chris is having his own moment of crisis stemming from one of Jack’s earlier cases. The PI has to fight the odds to find Angelica Cardona before time runs out while preventing her loving father from running amok. With trails leading deep into LA society and the troubled country of Iraq, it isn’t going to be an easy case for Jack.

Blond Cargo roars through modern LA like Jack Bertolino’s beloved Mustang. Lansing draws an engaging hero, likable sidekicks and allies, and well-rounded bad guys who the reader will love to see fail. A must for lovers of modern crime fiction.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews