The Beach Trap

Ali Brady


Young teens Kat Steiner and Blake O’Neill meet at Camp Chickawah and immediately become fast friends. Shy Blake and outgoing Kat do everything together and look set to be friends for life, until Kat’s beloved grandfather dies. Blake loyally volunteers to stay with Kat through her grief until her father comes to take her home. When he arrives Blake recognizes him as her own father, the man who’s been absent for much of her life, the man to whom Blake’s mom is the other woman. Kat believes Blake deliberately came to the camp to meet him, and is outraged at Blake’s—and her father’s—betrayal. Their friendship is broken. All Blake’s attempts to communicate with Kat are met by silence.

… just the right blend of zest, romance, suspense, and pathos …

Fifteen years later, the girls’ father dies, leaving them a dilapidated beach house in Destin on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Each gets half the house. Neither may sell without full permission of the other. The half-sisters have nursed their wounds for years, and now they have to cooperate to make something out of the mess. For Kat the house holds priceless memories. Blake seeit as her chance to raise much needed cashNeither can afford to buy out the other. The two butt heads from the start, with Kat’s creative vision warring with Blake’s practical renovation ideas. When two attractive men enter the mix, sparks fly, but both romances come with a catch. Can Blake and Kat find common ground over their shared past, or will secrets and half-truths drive them apart forever? Are their romances mere summer flings or something much, much more?

The writing team of Ali Brady have created a fun, heartwarming story with thoroughly engaging characters. The Beach Trap has just the right blend of zest, romance, suspense, and pathos to make a perfect summer read.


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