Lurlene McDaniel

Delacorte Press
Hardcover/208 pages
ISBN: 978-0-385-73453-0
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". . . powerfully candid, gritty and emotional . . ."

Prey: The perfect predator—a beautiful and sexy high school teacher.

Ryan Piccoli is a fifteen-year-old freshman at McAllister High School. He turns sixteen in December, and all he can think of is getting a car like his friend Joel’s—until he meets Lori Settles, the new world history teacher. Ms. Settles is beautiful and wears high heels and sexy, form fitting and fashionable dresses. She is every teenage boy’s dream. But she is not Honey’s dream; she is a nightmare.

Honey has been in love with Ryan since they were in second grade. But she’s too tall, athletic and horsey-looking for Ryan to see her as anything but a friend and that’s all right. Honey is happy being Ryan’s best friend – until Lori Settles comes to McAllister. Honey doesn’t trust Ms. Settles and with good reason. Lori Settles has Ryan in her sights, and she will take her time seducing him.

Using each character’s point of view, Lurlene McDaniel sets the stage in Prey with formidable skill. Never have I loathed a character more than Lori Settles who lures innocent and naïve Ryan into her apartment and into her bed. McDaniel leaves very little to the imagination as she steps aside and lets the characters tell their stories, rendering the reader shocked and amazed and in no doubt of what motivates these characters and who they are beneath their skin. McDaniel candy coats nothing; she gets teenage longings and fears exactly right. The research does not detract from the story or overshadow the characters. McDaniel handles this sensitive and provocative subject with finesse and style. Prey is a little book, but it is powerfully candid, gritty and emotional and should be on every parent’s nightstand and in every school principal’s top desk drawer.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell