by James Treadwell
Emily Bestler Books
April 13, 2013
Paperback/451 pages
ISBN: 978-1451661651

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". . . the first in what looks to be an exciting trilogy!"

Thrill-seekers, puzzle investigators and paranormal lovers, there is no way to say it better than: ADVENT y James Treadwell is the book you’ve been dying to read.

Being that this is a debut it’s almost astounding that every page, description and the overall plot, veers away from all the stereotypical characters and conclusions. Instead of magic being a path of escape, this author turns the tables and makes magic an absolute reality.

In December of 1537, a mysterious, powerful man stepped out his door into blistering winds with a sealed wooden box in his hands. With this, he was going off to find immortality.

Fast forward to present-day London. Gavin Stokes is a young man who has a few quirks. After reading a letter sent to his mother from Auntie Gwen, Gavin finds out that he has been invited to Gwen’s remote home for a little visit. Gavin’s parents are heading out on a trip and Gwen feels it would be good for the boy to visit with her while they’re gone. There have been a few problems in Gavin’s school, and the entire family needs a little air to sort things out. In addition, Auntie Gwen seems to be the only one that could possibly help Gavin understand his ‘special needs.’

Leaving London, Gavin’s destination is Pendurra – an amazing, remote estate located in Cornwall. Looking at the strange place everything from fear to chills (both good and bad), enter Gavin’s soul.

Soon he discovers an unexpected situation: With Pendurra comes a vault of secrets, mysteries and crimes. This is a completely different world, yet one that is far more real to Gavin than his own. Running on betrayal, Pendurra will offer a challenge to Gavin that may cause his eventual death.

Ghosts arrive in all forms and with all perspectives when it comes to the crimes committed long ago. A ghost from Gavin’s past joins a little girl who knows it all and a mermaid who has a lot to say.

With this book the reader feels as if around every corner or behind every closed door there’s something more. And when the lines of reality and magic cross, watching Gavin rise to the challenge while attempting to bury the past once and for all is truly thrilling.

It’s a pleasure to know that this is only the first in what looks to be an exciting trilogy.

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor