Last Days of Magic

The Last Days of Magic
Mark Tompkins

Viking (Penguin Random House)

Medieval Ireland has long been a stronghold of magic in the world. It resisted attempts by many foreign powers to conquer it thanks to the Morrígna, a divine female trinity manifesting as twins Aisling and Anya in the mortal world and a third, Anann, in the spirit realm.

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“. . . a compelling world where history and mythology blend.”

Reincarnated again and again as the land needs it, the girls have held the country safe – until now. 

In the late 14th century divisions within the faerie Sidhe has led to a dangerous chink in Ireland’s defenses being exposed. Kellach, king of the Skeaghshee, betrays a trust and has Anya assassinated. Kellach has allied himself with Cardinal Orsini of the Roman Church who wishes to drag Ireland into the Roman sphere and eradicate all last traces of magic from the world. Orsini has enlisted the aid of England, long a jealous neighbor of the Emerald Isle. Formorians and Nephilim, the offspring of angels and source of the magic, find themselves used and attacked by both sides as an alliance of English and Vatican forces advance relentlessly into the land. Aisling and her friends and allies must strive to turn back the tide. The stakes are high, and the battle between magic and religion is fierce. 

In The Last Days of Magic Mark Tompkins has created a compelling world where history and mythology blend. The characters are skillfully drawn and the reader feels their triumphs and frustrations. If the book has a fault it’s the pacing, which tends to lose itself amid the detail. One for fantasy lovers looking for something different in the genre. 

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews