I’ll Never Tell

Catherine McKenzie

Lake Union

After their parents’ sudden deaths the MacAllister siblings are summoned to Camp Macaw for the reading of the will. The Camp has been in their family for generations. Prime Canadian lakefront real estate, the land could sell for millions. Some of the siblings can use the money, but groundskeeper Sean Booth would lose his home. Uncertainty rears its head when the terms of inheritance are made. Their father stipulated that Mary, Margaux, twins Kate and Liddie, and Sean must decide if older brother Ryan is guilty of a vicious attack on a young woman twenty years ago. If he didn’t attack Amanda Holmes then which of them did? The future of Camp Macaw rides on their decision.

Every one of them has to reconnect to that July night in 1998, to think of what they did, when, and with whom. Each has guilty secrets that come to light as the weekend progresses, and it seems their late father had plenty to hide too. As revelation follows revelation the dark side of their family’s life is exposed. Were those long ago summer days really so carefree as they remember? Tensions rise, cooperation fades and further tragedy awaits. Will the MacAllisters and Sean put together the pieces of the puzzle each of them holds, or will their secrets tear the family apart for good?

…an engrossing and complex story of psychological suspense…

I’ll Never Tell is an engrossing and complex story of psychological suspense told with McKenzie’s trademark deftness and surety.