Man of Legends by Kenneth Johnson

The Man of Legends
Kenneth Johnson


December 2000: New York City counts down to the new Millennium and newspaper journalist Jillian Guthrie notices something odd in the photos selected for a special edition.

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” . . . draws the reader into the battle between good and evil.”

Although the images were taken over a century in more than one country, somewhere in each is the same thirty-something guy, seemingly unchanged. Elsewhere, Vatican emissary Father Paul St. Jacques is well aware of the mystery man’s true nature and seeks to entrap him for the glory of God – but mostly for his own ambition. To former UN envoy Hanna Claire, 85, the mystery man is Will, her lover from before WW II. Although she hasn’t seen him in decades, Hanna will do all it takes to protect Will from those who pursue him, but with her failing mental health it may not be enough. 

Will himself is haunted by a great sin he committed nearly two thousand years ago. Unable to settle anywhere, he’s constantly on the move, touching many lives, trying to improve the lot of humanity wherever he can. He knows that somewhere out there a dark stranger is keeping pace with him all through the years, watching and waiting for Will to become vulnerable.

When he saves the life of a little girl his deed puts Will squarely in the sights of the relentless St. Jacques – and the dark stranger. Events draw Will, Jillian and Hanna into a spiral that builds toward a shocking climax in New York’s West Side. Can Will find redemption, or will he succumb to a primordial evil that will mean the end of everything?

Kenneth Johnson’s The Man of Legends is a terrific page-turning adventure that draws the reader into the battle between good and evil. A must for anyone who likes thrillers with a paranormal twist.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews