Amanda Robson

Avon Books UK

Miranda and Zara Cunningham are twins, different in both looks and personality. Zara is a flighty, outgoing and artistic soul with a history of self-harm. Miranda, more stable and grounded, worries for her sister. She offers Zara support and a home to get over her last bout of cutting, but her plans for a secure life come off the rails when Zara meets Sebastian Templeton.

. . . a harrowing page-turning read from start to finish.

From the get-go, Zara seems obsessed by Sebastian. When Miranda meets him for the first time she feels she can’t trust the guy. Sebastian has swarthy good looks, but something behind his cavalier over-friendly attitude toward her strikes Miranda as all wrong. Matters don’t improve when he gets a position in the tax department at the firm where Miranda works as an accountant. He begins to affect her good standing with her employer. As the relationship between Zara and Sebastian deepens, the warning bells in Miranda’s mind sound all the louder. What is it in Sebastian’s past that drives his present behavior? Why is he doing all he can to drive a wedge between the twins? An act of sexual assault and a terrible betrayal leaves one twin dead and the other fighting for her freedom. The survivor has to put her life on the line before she can win justice for them both.

Robson put a lot of heart, soul and hard-won experience into Guilt to create a harrowing page-turning read from start to finish. Miranda, Zara and Sebastian pop off the page as real characters with believable drives and reasons all their own.

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