Navigating the Rough Waters of Today’s Publishing World
Marcia Meier

Linden Publishing
June 29, 2010
Trade Paperback/124 pages
ISBN: 978-1884995583
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". . . indispensable in the writer’s toolbox."

A timely and helpful guide to publishing in the ever changing electronic age.

After giving a quick and comprehensive overview of the upheavals and changing face of publishing in the 21st century, Marcia Meier ends with this sage advice: Inform yourself about the industry. Believe in yourself and your gifts, be persistent, and keep writing. Good advice for anyone seriously contemplating a lasting career in writing.

Navigating the Rough Waters of Today’s Publishing World has everything in its 124 pages that is essential for the serious writer. Marcia Meier touches on the future of publishing (not as bleak as thought, but definitely not all beer and skittles), agents, self publishing, freelancing and marketing, for a start. All topics are listed by chapter and easier to navigate than the fast changing publishing world.

Although Meier relies heavily on anecdotes from the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, the information is timely. Covering blogs and websites (must haves) and Print on Demand (POD) as well as independent publishers (flourishing as the major publishers falter and fade), there is no publishing stone left unturned. Self publishing is only one option, but Meier, quoting Doris Booth, manager of Authorlink Literary Group, says that the best and widest possible distribution for a book is in audio book form.

Meier has obviously talked to the movers, shakers and innovators in publishing, from writers to entrepreneurs and publishers, those on the front lines and in the know, and amassed a comprehensive and succinct map that encourages, informs and enlightens what seems like dark times ahead. She ends with Ivory Madison’s caution: ”Writers shouldn’t worry about the ’industry’. [F]ocus on following their dream, the creative and life-changing part of the dream.” Meier adds, “Persevere. Don’t let rejection—even over a long period of time—dissuade you from your dreams. Keep writing and keep learning. …And, always, believe in yourself and your work.”

If you read no other book on getting published, read this one and get extra copies. You’ll need them. Mine is already dog-eared and marked. Navigating the Rough Waters of Today’s Publishing World is indispensable in the writer’s toolbox.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell