Fairy Tale
Cyn Balog

Random House
Hardcover/256 pages
ISBN: 0-385737068
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". . . surprisingly funny and very moving tale . . ."

Morgan Sparks, the fifteen (almost sixteen) year old main character in Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog, is a psychic, yet she definitely could not have predicted that her boyfriend Cam Browne would end up being a fairy—a real fairy with wings and a wand. When Cam’s cousin Pip Merriweather shows up on the Browne’s doorstep with a fairy named Dawn in a paper sack, he proclaims that he is the Browne’s real son. Pip likewise states with absolute certainty that Cam has to go back to “Otherworld” to marry Dawn and become the king of the fairies. All does seem lost for Morgan in this surprisingly funny and very moving tale.

In her debut novel Cyn Balog has revived fairy lore and written a novel that both teenagers and adults will tear through, enjoying thoroughly and wanting more.

Reviewer: Angela Garner McCabe