Girls’ Night Out 

Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Lake Union

Ashley, Natalie and Lauren have been friends for twenty years. Now in their late thirties, their friendship is under strain. Natalie is furious with Ashley for not wanting to sell the lucrative business they built together. An offer from a major company is on the table. Natalie could use the freedom gained from the sale to mend her relationships with her husband and children. Lauren is newly widowed. Her abusive husband died of heart failure, leaving her well-off and wondering if she really needs to keep up the struggle to be friends with the others, neither of whom are easy to get along with.

. . . ratchets the tension higher with each page . . .

In an effort to ease the situation, Ashley takes the three of them to the Mexican resort city of Tulum for a girls’ only vacation. The other two go along with her scheme – Ashley is hard to say no to – but neither Natalie nor Lauren feel any good will come of it. Sun, sea, and margaritas make little impact on the tension between the three. When Natalie wakes up alone and soaking wet on the beach in front of their private hotel, matters go from bad to worse. Where is Ashley? Why can’t Natalie remember much about the previous night? Over the next few days Ashley remains missing. Suspicion and fear rises until a shocking discovery reveals exactly what happened on that fateful night.

Girls’ Night Out ratchets the tension higher with each page as Fenton and Steinke throw a spotlight on the nature of friendship and how it affects everyone when it in turns goes bad, even in the middle of paradise.

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