Silent Creed by Alex Kava

Silent Creed
Alex Kava

Putnam’s Sons

Afghanistan veteran Ryder Creed saw enough violence on active service to give him nightmares. Now back home in the US, he runs a specialist search and rescue team of dogs and handlers who aid law enforcement agencies and venture into disaster areas in search of the missing. 

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“. . . a tight thriller featuring beautifully detailed characters both human and canine.”

Ryder is contacted out of the blue by an old acquaintance from his active service days. Lt. Colonel Peter Logan wants Ryder and his dogs to search the scene of a severe landslide in North Carolina in which a military research station was destroyed. Ryder dislikes and distrusts Logan, but he owes the man a favor and agrees to go. In North Carolina, Ryder finds FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell on the scene. They’ve worked together before and feel attracted to each other, but both have been wounded physically and emotionally and are slow to trust, let alone love. The first bodies found near the research station were murdered, which makes it a federal case. Maggie suspects a link between the place and decades of classified military research into disease. In the midst of a dangerous environment where the smallest misstep could cost a life, it soon becomes clear that someone is prepared to use every means necessary to destroy evidence, including killing Ryder, Maggie – and even the dogs. 

In Silent Creed, Alex Kava has created a tight thriller featuring beautifully detailed characters both human and canine. The wonderful work these dogs and their handlers do in difficult conditions is threaded throughout the story by an author who knows the subject. A great read for anyone who likes thrillers with a human – and canine – touch.


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews