The Dog Who Spoke With Gods by Diane Jessup

June 1, 2002
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The Dog Who Spoke With Gods
A Novel
Diane Jessup

Griffin Trade Paperback
June 2002
Trade Paperback/384 pages
ISBN: 0-312-29152-3
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"A perfect book for anyone who has loved a pet."–Redbook

"This love story raises philosophical and ethical problems that society has yet to resolve. . ."

"Your heart may break as you read."

Ms. Jessup’s book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, complete with heart-stopping plunges into despair at the plight of “just a dog” and a human who loves him. Though seemingly fated to a certain ending, she provides a surprise closure. The tension and suspense throughout propels the reader toward the last page, reveling along the way in the nobility and spirit of this splendid animal and his “One”, Elizabeth, a pre-med student who meets Damien in a university laboratory.



This love story raises philosophical and ethical problems that society has yet to resolve; issues that cannot go ignored. Animal cruelty is exposed as more than physical neglect or mistreatment; clearly dogs, like humans, wither and die in a solitary life without love and companionship.

By this convincing look inside a dog’s mind and soul, The Dog Who Spoke With Gods confirms the depth of devotion, dignity and individuality that dog owners instinctively know. The reader''s heart may break as one turns the pages. Keep your dog in sight, close enough to reach out and tell him how lucky you two are to have found each other.

Reviewer: Doris Lakey


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