Allison Leotta

Hardcover/0 pages
ISBN: 978-1451644845
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". . . thrills, chills, suspense and a completely unexpected ending."

This new legal mystery/thriller will stop readers in their tracks. There have been many ‘thrill rides’ written regarding the immense power of politics in Washington, D.C., and a great many are alike. But with Discretion, the action begins from the word ‘go’ and does not stop until the very last sentence has been uttered.

One evening, in our nation’s capital, a lovely young woman walks up the steps of the Capitol Building and informs the guards who are standing there that she has an appointment with a Congressman. A few minutes later, the same girl is seen falling over the balcony of the Congressman’s office.

Assistant U.S. Attorney, Anna Curtis, is immediately summoned by her boss in the sex-crimes division to help handle the case as quickly and skillfully as possible. What Anna soon learns is that the victim is a paid escort, and the main suspect is the Congressman she went to meet; he is the District of Columbia’s Delegate to Congress, which makes him the District’s most powerful elected official.

It is no surprise that this is one case that could make or break Anna’s career. But not only does she have this situation on her plate, but Anna is also in the middle of a serious romance with Jack Bailey, the chief homicide prosecutor…and her boss. Jack is a widower and has a young daughter who isn’t very fond of Anna. Seeing as that Anna doesn’t want to ruin her reputation and lose respect in the office, she places the relationship on hold to make sure that working on this very high-profile case doesn’t expose the affair before the murderer is brought to justice.

During the investigation, Anna must delve into a very expensive, high-end escort service called Discretion, which serves Washington’s elite. A multitude of problems turns Anna’s world and the case upside down, and brings many more suspects into view; especially when Anna stumbles upon yet another secret social club where the powerful men of the government await Anna’s investigation.

This fantastically written plot will have readers hanging on every word. If you wish to give yourself a gift, this is the book to go for. A one-day read offering thrills, chills, suspense and a completely unexpected ending.

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor