Dancing on the Mountain
A Tale of Dreams and Danger
Ginger Mynatt

Print-On-Demand/127 pages
ISBN: 0-595-19752-3
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"…a suspenseful young adult story…"

"…living the dream of every young dancer…"

"…youthful, moving story … that will keep you swaying on the edge…"

Ginger Mynatt’s first novel is a suspenseful young adult story that dances on the edge of danger.



Heather Caldwell is living the dream of every young dancer until her boyfriend, Chad, is murdered. Her ambition and determination keeps her dancing in Viva El Paso while searching for her boyfriend’s killer. After a series of incidents that become increasingly more deadly, Heather is forced to flee to the mountains in an attempt to escape from the same stalker who killed Chad. But is it Jorge who steps in to take Chad’s place in her affection? Or is it Officer Landry with his “little” gun and creepy attempts to console Heather?

Dancing on the Mountain is a youthful, moving story that occasionally slips in viewpoint but keeps the reader swaying on the edge along with Heather until the ending pirouettes to reveal the true killer.

Reviewer: Amy E. Lane