Fractured by Catherine McKenzie

Catherine McKenzie

Lake Union Publishing

Julie Prentice wrote a best-selling novel, achieved fame – and attracted a stalker.

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“. . . for lovers of contemporary psychological thrillers.”

Life in Seattle becomes so unsettled Julie and her husband Daniel decide to move. They find the Mount Adams district of Cincinnati in an online search. A place full of pleasant old houses and parks, it looks like a wonderful locale for a young family to live in. Julie even hopes her life will calm down enough for her to work on her second book under contract. 

Her new neighborhood turns out to be not quite what it seemed during her research on the area. Outwardly placid, it hides more than a few secrets. The self-appointed chair of the local neighborhood association is determined to bring everyone under her control, and she won’t take no for an answer. John Dunbar, the married neighbor across the road, is friendly, and Julie is attracted to him more than she should be. She begins to make friends in the area but then a series of events begins to taint life in their new home. Has Julie’s stalker broken the law and followed them across the country, or is something else more sinister at work? An innocent conversation results in misunderstandings which lead to a campaign of harassment building against Julie and her family. Events spiral out of control like a slow-motion train wreck and lead to tragic consequences. 

In Fractured, Catherine McKenzie creates a gripping tale of people caught up in events beyond their control and brings out the human aspects of the characters. One for lovers of contemporary psychological thrillers.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews