End of Days

End of Days: A Novel of Medieval England
by James Wilde

Pegasus Books

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“…a gripping tale of rich historical detail leavened with intense action.”

England in 1071 is a land riven by war. It has been five years since William the Bastard of Normandy invaded the country and killed King Harold at Hastings. Now William tightens his grip on the country through terror and slaughter. All who resist his claim to the throne of England are scattered and destroyed by William’s cruel and implacable army. Now William turns on the remaining pocket of resistance, the army led by the warrior Hereward as they take refuge in the safety of the marshes of Ely.

Hereward is the only war leader capable of meeting the Norman king on an equal footing, yet his army is divided by internal dissent and treachery. For every man who would avenge their country, there is one who would yield to the Norman king in hopes of peace. Hereward’s friends are Alric the monk, a man of peace and his wisest counselor, and Kraki the Northman, hardy warrior and staunch comrade. He makes an enemy of the Viking Redwald, who has sworn a blood-oath to kill him. With the Norman army closing in on the last refuge, Hereward must gamble on a final desperate attempt to turn the tide of conquest. If he succeeds England will be free of the Norman’s rule. If he fails all is lost.

James Wilde weaves a gripping tale of rich historical detail leavened with intense action. The reader can almost hear the sounds of battle and smell the woodsmoke and ripe, damp air of the Fenland where the action takes place. For those who like no punches pulled history, this is a book to savor.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews