A Twisted Vengeance by Candace Robb

A Twisted Vengeance
Candace Robb

Pegasus Crime

In 1399, England is under threat of civil war. Henry, Duke of Lancaster seeks to reclaim his inheritance, declared forfeit by his cousin King Richard II – but does he seek to take the crown itself?

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” . . .medieval England . . .in its warts-and-all glory . . . .”

The Duke is said to have landed on the coast near York, and the city is rife with rumors. Knights of unknown allegiance and mercenary soldiers roam the streets. York has become a dangerous place.

Dame Kate Clifford has other worries. Her errant mother Eleanor has returned to England from Strasbourg leading a party of beguines, poor women dedicated to a life of chastity and good works. Kate knows Eleanor’s second husband died in Strasbourg under suspicious circumstances. When a beguine is attacked in their lodgings it seems trouble has followed Eleanor. Kate uses her position as a respected citizen of York to investigate, but her efforts are hampered by her mother’s secrecy, even fear. More brutal murders and disappearances follow and imply Eleanor may be secretly involved in the dispute between the royal cousins. 

Matters are not helped by the suspicions of heresy, which hang about the beguines. Kate narrows the search with the help of her friends Berend and Jennet, and the handsome knight Sir Elric, whose loyalty may lie elsewhere. What they find leads to the heart of the realm, and a misguided act of revenge. 

Candace Robb brings medieval England to life in its warts-and-all glory in A Twisted Vengeance. Kate Clifford is a strong and competent woman unafraid to forge her own destiny in a man’s world. One for history lovers everywhere.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews