The Night Bird by Brian Freeman

The Night Bird
Brian Freeman

Thomas & Mercer

San Francisco homicide detective Frost Easton takes on the strangest case of his career when a number of women die after suffering psychotic breaks. Each lived a perfectly normal life up to the moment they went crazy.

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” . . .a terrific psychological thriller that twists and turns like the streets of San Francisco. . . .”

Frost suspects there’s a connection between the deaths, and narrows it down to psychiatrist Dr. Francesca Stein. The women were all her patients.

Stein’s methods are controversial. Her therapy rewrites the mind to delete the bad memories that cause extreme phobias – something many people feel is playing God. She’s vilified by fellow psychiatrists and often hounded by the media, but Stein’s confidence in her methods only wavers as Frost confronts her with the idea she may be doing more harm than good. Someone calling himself “The Night Bird” contacts Stein. He knows an uncomfortable amount of intimate detail about both Stein and Frost and seems out for revenge. The race is on for Frost and Stein to catch the killer, but the Night Bird is always a step or two ahead. What is his connection to Stein and why is it causing her to doubt her own memories? Can she even trust her husband and dissolute sister? Frost and Stein must catch the Night Bird before more lives are lost – including their own.

In The Night Bird, Freeman has created a great sympathetic character in Frost Easton. It’s a terrific psychological thriller that twists and turns like the streets of San Francisco to keep the reader enthralled up to the final shocking conclusion.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews