Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

by Alexandra Monir

Delacorte Press

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“. . .page-turning pace right up to the scorching finale . . .”

Seventeen-year-old Imogen Rockford is a modern New York City girl with an aristocratic pedigree. A tragic event in her childhood divorced her from her English heritage. On the eve of high school graduation news of another tragic event reconnects her with her past.

Heiress to a English title and estate, Imogen faces up to duty and returns to an England she’s all but forgotten – except in her nightmares. For Imogen has a secret power, one she dare not reveal. That same power might have been behind the strange event that caused the death of her parents.

In England she assumes her title and duties amid a press frenzy, but it soon becomes clear something is seriously amiss in Rockford Manor. Old childhood friends don’t seem to be the people they were. Some members of her staff hide secrets. There’s even a ghostly presence loose in the old house. With everyone and everything she knows and loves at stake, Imogen must find the truth at the heart of the mystery before it’s too late.

In Suspicion, Alexandra Monir brings to life the trials and triumphs of a teenage girl trying her best in difficult circumstances. The plot rattles along at a page-turning pace right up to the scorching finale.

It’s one weakness is more research into English culture is needed. Some of the descriptions of British speech, behavior and institutions are inaccurate, and these gaffes can be quite jarring to readers familiar with the culture.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews