The Devil in Monmartre by Gary Inbinder

The Devil in Montmartre
by Gary Inbinder

Pegasus Crime

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“. . .written in the fine tradition of Parisian crime novels . . .”

Paris, 1889: When the torso of a young woman is found in the seedy district of Montmartre, the city authorities are faced with a serious problem. With the terrible Jack the Ripper murders so fresh in the public mind, they must act fast to prevent Paris from panicking.

Inspector Achille Lefebvre, a Sûreté detective of the new, scientific school of police work, is put on the case. Hampered by a colleague who’ll say and do anything to secure a conviction, Lefebvre pursues the culprit with a dogged determination to do things right. His suspects all have ties to the glittering artistic world of Paris, including two American ladies, a distinguished English surgeon and the gentleman artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. With the nature of the murder threatening to break in the press at any moment, Lefebvre has his work cut out to find and arrest the murderer before panic hits the streets.

In The Devil in Montmartre, fin de siècle Paris comes to life with a whirl of color, shadows, stinks and perfumes. Gary Inbinder’s book is written in the fine tradition of Parisian crime novels, with a likable hero and a terrific eye for historic detail.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews