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Suggestions for Developing a Professional Manuscript

In your Authorlink Publishers’ Market Pitch, you can post information on almost any type of book-length content, except for violence or pornography or poetry. It’s a good idea to feature a single project in your listing, and then mention other available projects. Here are a few recommendations for what editors and agents will be looking for in the project you are pitching:

  • Finished fiction: Editors rarely consider unfinished work. Minimum novel length should be about 60,000 words.
  • Finished nonfiction: Minimum recommended length: 50,000 words (See nonfiction book proposal suggestions below.
  • Nonfiction-in-progress: (See Formal Book Proposal requirement below.)
  • Novellas: Short manuscripts should be 40,000-50,000 words. Anything less is considered an article.
  • Children/Young Adult: Length ranges from a few hundred words to 5,000-6,000 words. (If very short, limit your excerpt to 50-100 words.)
  • Biography/Memoir: Minimum suggested length: 60,000 words (Formal Book Proposal not generally required).
  • Film/TV Scripts: 90-120 pages in screenplay format.

Suggestions for a Nonfiction Book Proposal

A formal nonfiction nook proposal can usually be submitted to editors and agents whether the manuscript is finished or in progress. The following elements should go in your online Pitch: 100-word synopsis, 7,500-word sample chapter or table of contents plus sample chapter (collectively up to 7,500 words), and 50-words about the author. Before joining Pitch My Book, it’s a good idea to complete the following items for your project so that the project is to submit to an editor or agent should you receive a request. These off-line items for a book proposal include:

Chapter-by-chapter outline in paragraph form (usually about 5-6 pages)
1-3-page synopsis
Table of contents
Chapter-by-chapter description in paragraph form
1-3 page market analysis (audience, similar books, and how yours differs)
One to two sample chapters
1/2-to 2-page author resume
Any relevant press clippings