“A captivating story of one dog’s experience of crisis and healing, illustrated with the author’s evocative portraits of Weimaraners.” – Kirkus Reviews

The retiring attorney finally had some time on his hands. Encouraged by his wife, one of the first items on his retirement bucket list was to adopt a rescue dog. He chose to adopt what he believed was an injured and malnourish female Wiemaraner. What he adopted instead was part lawyer, part philosopher, part wine sommelier and all princess embodied in an intelligent, devious but loveable amnesiac.

 Jim just received the 2016 Merrimack Media Outstanding Writer Award for his new novel, Punitive Damages

As with any adoption, there is the mandatory trial period to determine the compatibility of the adopters and the adoptee. This trial period becomes more of a medieval “trial by ordeal” as the man matches wits with his new “best friendAfter practicing law for many years, Jim Lively decided it was the appropriate time to pursue his true passion as a writer and as a contemporary visual artist. www.merrimackmedia.com. It is a fun and whimsical read as we follow the adventures and misadventures of P.J., the gray canine female protagonist. This is Jim’s third novel. Available at www.amazon.com

Jim’s artworks have been recognized in numerous juried competitions and publications. He was recently presented a Certificate of Excellence by the 2015 Palm Art Awards. His recent art film, “The Soul of Vinyl; Abbey Road Side 2 screened at the 2016 New York Independent Film Festival.


For more information, please contact: Jim Lively, j.lively@sbcglobal.net, www.jimlivelyart.com