February 19 – February 26, 2009 Edition

In Fantasy Genre, a news and commentary website devoted to the genre of fantasy in all entertainment mediums, is now online.

“I’ve always loved fantasy,” said editor and founder Brent Hartinger. “But I’ve also always felt it doesn’t quite get the respect it deserves. The wider culture ignores and ridicules it, or thinks it’s only for kids. And

even in genre circles, people lump it in with science fiction, which is totally different, and even then they sometimes ignore it.”

According to Hartinger, there are plenty of sites that cover sci-fi and fantasy, but very few that are able to concentrate exclusively on fantasy–and fewer still that update daily with original content in two

forms, text and video.

“The irony is, with The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, fantasy is bigger and more popular than ever,” Hartinger says. “Overall, fantasy novels routinely outsell science fiction.”

But Hartinger says will also focus on lesser-known fantasy projects. The site covers all entertainment media: movies, television, video games, RPGs, books, live theater, graphic novels and comic books, and web content.

“We define ‘fantasy’ pretty broadly,” Hartinger says. “Ultimately, it’s a question of, ‘Is it science, or is it magic?'”

Hartinger is a long-time internet writer, and the author of a number of novels for children and teenagers, including Geography Club (HarperCollins) and Dreamquest (Tor Books).

“Our motto is ‘Exploring all things fantasy,'” Hartinger says. “Think of us as the torch that lights the way!”