June 15-30, 2004 Edition

Crichton to Head

New Nonfiction

Line at FSG

NEW YORK, NY/06/11/2004—Farrar, Straus & Giroux will launch a new imprint in late 2005 named after its new editor Sarah Crichton. Sarah Crichton Books will focus on serious nonfiction.

Crichton, who is returning to the editorial side after ghostwriting for several years, will release about 12 to 15 titles per year, including a few fiction titles. As a ghostwriter, her book with Daniel Libeskind will be released in in November from Riverhead. Her project with Mariane Pearl became a bestseller.

Sarah Crichton Books is the third FSG line to be named for its editor. Others with their own imprints are Frances Foster and Melanie Kroupa. FSG CEO Jonathan Glassi said the new imprint be staffed with Crichton and an assistant.

Farrar, Straus & Giroux was founded by the late Roger W.Straus, who headed the company until 2002. Straus died May 25 2004 at age 87 in Lenox Hill hospital of complications from a heart condition.