June 28 – July 5, 2007 Edition

Authorlink Introduces

BOOKFLIX, Streaming

Videos of Top Authors

Dallas, TX/6/28/07—, among the longest running and most popular websites for editors, agents, writers, and readers, will an exciting new section featuring streaming videos of celebrated authors on July 1, 2007. The beta version of the new feature, called BOOKFLIX, provides fast streaming video interviews of up to 20 minutes in length.

BOOKFLIX will debut with three celebrated authors, David Baldacci,  #1 New York Times bestselling author; Bruce Dern, Oscar-nominated actor and author of a new memoir; and Mick Brown, popular UK journalist Band broadcaster who has written the story of music producer Phil Spector, now on trial for murder. Intimate video conversations with other well-known authors will rapidly be added to the site, providing visitors a close connection with their favorite authors in one central, uncluttered writing and reading community.

Viewers can see the new video interviews (currently in Beta form) either by clicking on the author from the Authorlink front page, or by clicking ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS, then scrolling to BOOK FLIX.

Authorlink will showcase both in-house-produced interviews and clips from selected invitation-only publishers. Clips will range from 5 to 20-minutes and will include links to major buying channels such as Unlike more generalized sites such as,’s BOOKFLIX will focus exclusively on the writing journeys of popular authors and provide sneak previews of what they are working on next.  Well-known for its in-depth interviews, will provide readers and writers with a deeper connection to and understanding of the authors they most admire.

“The emphasis will be upon the craft of writing, providing insights into how these authors succeed in conceptualizing, creating and publishing their commercial and literary works, and the sources of their inspiration and strength,” said Doris Booth, Authorlink CEO.

Authorlink, long a hub for text and audio interviews with authors and key publishing professionals is designed to easily play on most computers directly from the site, without any special software other than a media-ready computer. Visitors will be able to see and hear authors discuss their latest titles being released from major publishing houses, and eventually some smaller and highly-regarded presses. A similar section for self-published authors will be coming soon.

BOOXFLIX (beta version) will officially launch July 1, with additional features being added in the coming months such as reader feedback and comments (through our blogs) and sharing videos with friends. For users who subscribe to the Authorlink RSS feed (top right corner of the main page at will be alerted to new BOOKFLIX as well as other news and information. For a selected number of approved publicists and other contributors, Authorlink will provide direct upload of video content to BOOKFLIX, where clips will be reviewed and considered by humans.

“In addition to covering the major New York and California publishers, we will capture video interviews with authors we meet on the road, as

the Authorlink staff travels throughout the U.S., Canada and the UK, “ said CEO Doris Booth. “Our long years of experience

in both publishing (and formerly in broadcasting and video production) will enable us to cover successful writers from many publishing houses as they have never been covered before,” said Booth.

Webmaster and Vice President Dan Unger said, “Our goal is to deliver both the best consumer experience and the best content for the

publishing industry. Our beta version will soon be smoothed out and refined to provide our viewers with up-close and personal contact with the authors they love. We welcome feedback from our growing audience of nearly a million unique visitors a year.”