The Cleaner
Brett Battles

Delacorte Press
Hardcover/353 pages
ISBN: 0-440-24370-x
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". . . a thrill ride that keeps the adrenalin on high flow . . ."

The Cleaner: International espionage with a heart.

The Office called in Jonathan Quinn to handle a little matter in Colorado, to clean up a mess and make sure all evidence disappeared. It was a straight forward job that would take a day or two and then he could go back to his Maui vacation. That is, until Quinn’s nose for trouble made him a target and forced him to lay low for a while.

After arriving in Vietnam with his apprentice Nate, Quinn looks up an old friend to see if she can help him find out who killed all the top operatives at the Office and put out a contract on his life. What he finds puts him, Nate, and Orlando on the run and in the midst of a conspiracy that could potentially put the whole world at risk if they don’t stop it in time.

Brett Battles pens a thrill ride that keeps the adrenalin flowing in The Cleaner. Quinn is a professional with a heart and a strong moral center who takes on incredible odds and knows exactly who he is and why. From Nate’s enthusiastic inexperience and brashness to Orlando’s calm intelligence and loyalty in the face of devastating loss, Battles creates a world worth defending.

With razor sharp prose and impeccable timing, Battles never loses sight of the target. The Cleaner is what thrillers are all about: danger, excitement, heart-in the-mouth action that never strays from too far from a very human center.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell